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Knitting Accessory Kit

Knitting Accessory Kit

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Generally knitting requires very few tools, some needles and yarn and off you go! But there are a few things that make the journey a bit easier. This kit has all the little bits and bobs that help a knitter along, all in a handy case so nothing gets lost. 


Point Protectors (Large): 2 pcs.
Point Protectors (Small): 2 pcs.
Knitting Register: 1 pc.
Double-Ended Stitch Holders (Small): 2 pcs.
Locking Stitch Makers: 20 pcs.
Jumbo Tapestry Needle: 1 pc.
Tapestry Needle (No. 17): 1 pc.
Tape Measure (1.5 m): 1 pc.
Knitting Needle Gauge: 1 pc.


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